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We recently took delivery of several Heil Sound microphones for our hire inventory. The Heil Sound range of microphones had been recommended for some time by our friends at Strings & Things, the Heil Sound UK distributor. So we finally took the plunge!

We used the microphones for the first time at the weekend for a Summer Ball near Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The PA system was a Midas M32 desk with Midas stage boxes and a Fohhn speaker system. We used 3 x PR-22 and the flagship PR-35 microphones for vocal duties.

Heil Sound Microphones
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“These Heil microphones certainly look the business.”

Heil Sound PR-35 Microphone Off Axix Rejection

Heil Sound PR-35 Off Axis Rejection

Heill Sound PR-22 Microphone Off Axis Rejection

Heil Sound PR-22 Off Axis Rejection

These Heil microphones certainly look the business – they all boast large voice coils – and are built and finished to a very high standard. There was no noticeable handling noise and they all had a very high feedback threshold, due to the excellent rear noise rejection. The design of the microphones is key here – Heil have cleverly integrated unique porting and phase plug design. The result? One of the easiest microphones to use on stage we have encountered!

So what about the sound? Again, hugely impressive. The PR-22’s were slightly brighter than the PR-35. All the microphones had a full bodied sound, easy to EQ as necessary, but with a solid mid range and shimmering high end. It was hard to think that we were using dynamic mics – this is the closest to condenser performance from dynamic microphones you can get.

The microphones were used for both female and male vocals. In each case it was easy to obtain a top notch sound with clarity and sitting nicely above the general mix.

Heil Sound PR-35 Microphone Frequency Chart

Heil Sound PR-35 Frequency Chart

Heil Sound PR-22 Frequency Chart

Heil Sound PR-22 Microphone Frequency Chart

As you can see, we like these microphones. They have been around in the USA (where they are manufactured) for a few years and are used by several artists such as Stevie Wonder and ZZ Top. It is easy to see why – as an alternative to the “go to” brands of the past few decades, these outshine even the most popular models.

We will certainly be further expanding our hire inventory with Heil microphones in the near future…

Heil Sound PR-22 Microphone

“This is the closest to condenser performance from dynamic microphones you can get.”

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