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PA & Sound System Hire in Kent, London & the South East

We can supply PA and sound systems for any size event. We have loudspeaker systems that can cater for any type of event from corporate presentations to large festivals and everything in between! Our loudspeaker systems include high quality point source systems by Fohhn, FBT and Turbosound as well as our awesome FBT Muse line array complete with 2×18 subwoofers. All our systems produce pristine sound quality and the versatility to customise a system most appropriate to your event.

Foldback options include Martin Audio, Turbosound, Fohhn and RCF, with amplification by Lab Gruppen. 

Our digital Midas M32 mixing consoles with Midas DL16 and DL32 stage boxes provide all the control and connectivity required for larger events. We also have analogue mixers by Allen & Heath and Soundcraft for smaller self operated systems.

DI boxes and microphones are available in packages or as individual items. Microphones by AKG, Audio Technica, Audix, Beyerdynamic, Heil, Rode, Sennheiser and Shure, with DI boxes by DBX, Klark Teknik and LR Baggs ensure that performances are captured exactly as intended.

All our PA and sound system equipment is regularly serviced and PAT tested. All equipment is supplied with appropriate cases to ensure maximum protection and ease of transport – especially useful if you require the equipment for a tour.

We will deliver the sound equipment to your venue and collect at the end of the hire period – we can also set up the equipment for you if required.

A sound engineer can be provided for larger events if required.

If you are looking for PA and sound system hire in London, Kent or anywhere in the South East Just give our hire team a call on 01892 234025. We will be more than happy to help!

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PA Hire Packages

FBT, Turbosound, Fohhn, Martin Audio

Party & DJ Sound Systems

Turbosound, Mackie, Fohhn, RCF

Festival Sound Systems

FBT, Turbosound, Fohhn, Martin Audio

Mixing Console Hire

Midas, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft

Loudspeaker Hire

FBT, Turbosound, Fohhn, Martin Audio

Stage Monitor Hire

Martin Audio, Turbosound, Lab-Gruppen

Microphone & DI Box Hire

Shure, AKG, Heil, Rode, Audix

Wireless Systems Hire

Sennheiser G4 Microphones & IEM

Milos MR1 Arc stage for hire in Kent, London and the South East

PA System Hire Packages & Sound Production

Our PA system packages offer great value for money and if you opt for our set up service, it takes the hassle out of hiring the equipment. From small band self operated systems to full line array systems, we have a package that will suit your requirements.

For a more comprehensive live performance, we can provide a full sound production package that will include the design, rigging and control elements in one package, with an experienced sound engineer and support crew in attendance throughout.

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