AKG D-330BT Microphone

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Great for vocals.

Superb feedback rejection.

Bass roll off and presence filters..

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The AKG B-330BT is a fully professional microphone whose frequency range, transient response and tonal flexibility are on a par with those of the very best studio dynamic microphones.

With its variable bass versus distance contour (marked emphasis or “proximity effect” when used close up; progressively diminishing bass response when used farther away) and smooth presence·rise contour (for added crispness and “punch”) plus nine different combinations of bass-rolloff/presence rise equalization, the D-330BT is the ultimate creative tool – one that offers its users unrivalled personal control over the tonal “shading” of voices or instruments to suit any situation.

The D-330BT preserves critical signal-to-noise ratios in all of its equalization modes. This is due to its specially designed filter networks, which maintain constant midband sensitivity and assure minimum midband impedance variations in all possible combinations of bass and presence settings. In addition, the D-330BT’s hypercardioid directional pattern is far more discriminating than that of a standard cardioid and is also unusually uniform with respect to frequency. These characteristics – extremely important in broadcasting and utterly indispensible for sound reinforcement – produce negligible coloration of desired sounds at the sides of the microphone while providing exceptional suppression of unwanted acoustic feedback and background noise towards the rear of the microphone.

A great vintage vocal microphone.


Transducer Type: Dynamic
Directional Characteristic: Hypercardioid
Frequency Range (bass, presence set norm): 50-20,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance at 1 kHz (bass, pres set norm) : 370 ohms
Rated-Impedance Category: 250 ohms
Recommended Load Impedance: 1000 ohms

Sensitivity at 1 kHz –
Open circuit: 1.2 mV/Pa;-58.4 dBV
EAIG: -156dB
Maximum power level: -58.5dBm (re: 1mW/10dynes/cm2)
Tolerance: +0, -1.5 dB

Sound Pressure Level for 1 % THD: 40 Hz, 1000 Hz, 5000 Hz: 128 dB
Hum Sensitivity (1 mG field; bass set norm): -143 dBm
Case Material : Nickel-plated die-cast zinc alloy
Net Weight : 340 g 12 oz)