DBX Di1 DI Box

From £8.00 per day

High quality DI box.

Excellent sound quality.

Metal chassis – rugged design.

You may collect from our warehouse or we can deliver to the event venue – delivery/collection charges will be included in your quote.


The dbx Di1 is a compact high-quality active direct injection box. Ideal for both studios and on the road, the Di1 will ensure audio signals reach their intended destination in both a balanced format and free from unwanted noise.

Connect the output from electric guitars, bass amplifiers, keyboards, etc., directly to a console mixer without the use of a microphone.

Built for toughness and reliability, the Di1 has all the features of a fully featured gig-ready workhorse DI unit.


Level and impedance matching function
Output impedance: > 600 Ohms
Signal pass through connector
Output connector: XLR balanced
Battery LED indicator
Distortion: (THD) < 0.005% at 1kHz, 0dBu
Phantom power LED indicator
Max Input: +12dBu (at 0dB) Level +32dBu (at -20dB) +52dBu (at -40dB)
Output Noise: <-100dB unweighted TS and XLR inputs and outputs Frequency response: 10Hz to 70kHz, +0dB/-3dB Attenuation control Phantom Power: +18 volts DC to +48 volts DC Ground lift switch Main/Standby: 9V battery Input Impedance: >250k Ohm
Metal Chassis


Input Impedance: > 250k Ohm
Max Input: +12dBu (at 0dB) Level +32dBu (at -20dB) +52dBu (at -40dB)
Connectors: Two Parallel 1/4″ jack connectors and a parallel XLR connector (unbalanced), 1/4″ Jack: Tip Hot, Sleeve Ground; XLR Jack: Pin 2 Hot, Pins 1 & 3 Ground
Output Impedance: > 600 Ohms
Output Connectors: XLR balanced
Distortion: (THD) < 0.005% at 1kHz, 0dBu
Output Noise: <-100dB unweighted
Frequency Response: 10Hz to 70kHz, +0dB/-3dB
Main/Standby: 9 Volt battery
Phantom Power: +18 Volts DC to +48 Volts DC