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FBT Muse 210LN Loudspeaker


The FBT MUSE 210 LN is our new, advanced line array system, featuring an advanced amplifier technology and network control via the incredible Infinito software.

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The FBT Muse 210LN is an innovative line array module with refined, technologically advanced engineering. These are the qualities of this speaker that redefines the concept of line array in terms of power, size, lightness, flexibility and practicality of use. The modularity from 2 to 16 speakers allows use in a wide variety of situations, from small band to large outdoor concert.

The FBT Muse 210LN has two custom 250mm woofers with 64mm high excursion coil and two custom B&C drivers with 25mm throat. The waveguide, optimised with BEM finite element simulations to minimise distortion, has a horizontal dispersion of 90°. Designed to present an optimal load to the driver’s membrane starting from 800Hz, it allows the propagation of a flat acoustic wave up to over 18Khz, strictly respecting the most stringent physical criteria for an ideal cylindrical source. The acoustic configuration with the central horn allows for a particularly linear and symmetrical horizontal dispersion.

The cabinet is made of 15mm birch plywood with two die-cast aluminium handles.

The hardware integrated in the cabinet allows the suspension of 16 boxes with a 10:1 safety factor and an inclination from 0° to 10° at a step of 1°. The design of the no-compromise mechanics in terms of practicality and speed of set-up of the system makes it particularly suitable for daily touring movements.

The Muse 210LN features an 800+400W RMS amplification module with TCP/IP network interface. Based on the OCA ALLIANCE AES70 standard, it communicates with the ‘INFINITO system management suite’ remote control software.

The module is contained in an aluminium chassis with intelligent forced ventilation and is equipped with an OLED display with encoder for parameter setting, among which 8 presets offer easy configuration, adapting the DSP to the curvature of the array and to the number of elements used.


Frequency response: 55Hz – 20KHz
Low frequency woofer: 2x 10″ / 2.5″ VC
High frequency driver: 2x 1″ / 1.7″ VC
Maximum SPL cont/peak: 129 / 136 dB
Dispersion: 90 x 10 (Depending on number of elements)
Input impedance: 22
Crossover frequency: 1.1
Net Dimension (WxHxD): 652 x 296 x 515 mm
Net Weight: 38 kg
Transport Weight: 41.5 kg
AC Power requirements: 600
Built-in amplifier LF/HF: 800 / 400
Built-in amplifier peak LF/HF: 1600 / 800
Power cord: 16.4ft / 5m
Input connectors: XLR IN / OUT

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