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Fender Mustang III Guitar Combo

From £25.00 per day

100W, 12″ guitar combo.

Versatile guitar amplifier and effects modelling.

Great for rehearsal, small gigs and studio.

You may collect from our warehouse or we can deliver to the event venue – delivery/collection charges will be included in your quote.


The Fender Mustang III 100W guitar combo amplifier, with a 12″ speaker. Equipped with extensive amplifier and effects modelling, the Fender Mustang III offers a wide range of sounds.

USB, line and headphone outputs make this amplifier ideal for rehearsal and studio sessions.

A popular choice for high quality, versatile modelled tones.


* 100-watt open-back combo
* 12″ Celestion
* 100 amp presets
* 12 different amp models from vintage Fender sparkle to outrageous modern metal distortion
* 37 different effects in four categories (stomp, modulation, delay and reverb)
* 1/8″ headphone jack doubles as speaker-emulated line out.
* Fender FUSE software Editor Software included
* Programmable two-button footswitch included (controls preset up/down, quick access, effects on/off and tap tempo)
* Effects Loop: Mono Series Effects Loop
* Auxillary Input: 1/8″ Auxiliary Input Jack
* Headphone Jack: 1/8″ Headphone Jack
* Line Out: USB port, 1/8″ Headphone Jack doubles as Speaker Emulated Line Out
* Covering/Grille Cloth: Black Textured “Carbon Tweed” Vinyl Covering with Silver Grill Cloth
* Height: 17.75″ (45.1 cm)


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