Laserworld PRO-800RGB Event Laser

From £70.00 per day

Stunning laser for making your event that little more special.

Programmable to enable company logo or message text to personalise your event.

Superb colour handling and a broad palette of effects.

You may collect from our warehouse or we can deliver to the event venue – delivery/collection charges will be included in your quote.


This event laser light provides an analog modulation. It means a better color fading and a much broader color hue. This makes the Laserworld PRO-800RGB ideal for all applications requiring many different color hues and color fadings.

Mode options:
Normal scanner mode – creates emotionalizing beam shows and graphics projections
Burst Grating mode – the scanned pattern is multiplied many times and covers a wide range
3D Effect mode – creates a great 3D-looking effect on the scanned pattern
Radial Pattern Effect mode – a pattern is displayed in the center, the effect shows a multitude of this projection in circles around the center projection
Line Grating mode – a pattern is displayed multiplied in a line

Computer control:
The Laserworld PRO-800RGB has an ILDA interface for professional computer control. Thus own or pre-programmed lasershows can be displayed by use of a laser control software, e.g. Laserworld Showeditor.

DMX Mode:
Through DMX preset patterns, like waves, tunnels, circles etc. can be projected in different colors and at various speed.

Stand-alone Mode:
The laser system has an Stand-alone mode, which runs the pre-programmed patterns automatically.

Sound-to-light Mode:
If the Sound-to-light Mode is active, the laser system projects according to the sound. The microphone sensitivity can easily be adjusted at the rear side of the projector.

SD Card:
The Laserworld PRO-800RGB has an integrated SD card slot (a SD card is included in the delivery). It allows saving patterns, animations or shows as .ILD files on the SD card and running them at the projector. This option makes the use of this show laser system very flexible and independent of computer control.

Remote control included.

This laser is simply stunning and takes your event lighting to another level!


* Total Power Typical: 800mW
* Guaranteed Power: 700mW
* Power Red: >120mW/637nm
* Power Green: >120mW/532nm
* Power Blue: >460mW/445nm
* Beam Specifications: ca. 3mm/ca. 1.3mrad
* Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS Laser
* Laser Class: 4
* Operation Modes: Auto, Music, DMX, ILDA, SD Card
* Scanner: Galvo System (Up to 40kpps@4°)
* Scan Angle Max.: 40° Max. / 80° for Glass Effects
* Basic Pattern: 120+ (Layers, Tunnels, Grids, Wave Effects etc.)
* Accessories: Power Cable, Remote Control, SD Card, Manual, Interlock Connector, Key
* Power Supply: 85V-250V AC
* Power Consumption: 50W
* Dimensions: 235/205/165mm
* Weight: 4.45kg