Le Maitre MVS Haze Machine

From £60.00 per day

Powerful and versatile hazer.

Variable haze density – suitable for small to large sized venues.

Manual or DMX control.

You may collect from our warehouse or we can deliver to the event venue – delivery/collection charges will be included in your quote.


For small to large sized venues, the MVS is powerful and versatile. Two variable speed high power fans can be used to control the force and direction of the haze stream. There is even an oscillating mode for automated back and forth sweeping of the stream.

Variable haze density, onboard DMX, and the ability to position the unit at any angle combine to form one of the most complete feature sets for any haze machine on the market.

No residue left after use. Extremely safe to use. A truly professional haze machine.

– Dual high power variable speed fans
– Sweeping haze projection
– Low fluid consumption
– Average fluid consumption 65hrs/2.5L
– Onboard DMX 512 support
– Can operate in any position
– Includes a rugged, storable multi-function mounting bracket
– Low power consumption
– Automatic self-cleaning upon power-up


Control & Programming: Control is manual or via DMX 512 
o Volume output
o Projection distance
o Direction 0-90 degrees
o Sweep speed 

Memory for all settings
Memory recall on start-up for “switch-and-go” 
Automatic 2 minute cleaning on start-up 
Detachable fluid carrier (optional)
Performance: Fan output – up to 125 cubic metres/hr 
Fluid consumption: 3cc to 80cc/hr (which equals 800hrs/2.5L bottle to 30 hrs/2.5L bottle). 
Average fluid consumption: 65hrs/2.5L 
High current control of vapour tube 
High power air pump 
Accurate fan control over wide range 
Large diameter hazing tube for extended working life 
Self-cleaning increases reliability and machine life 
Odourless; Non-greasy; Non-flammable; Non-carcinogenic 
Tested and safe for use on live stage performances

Haze Fluid:
A sugar based fluid designed to hang in the air and accentuate beams of light without creating a messy oily residue. Haze fluid is used in much smaller proportions to smoke fluid thus giving the benefit of atmosphere without the large consumable cost.
The Le Maitre MVS has a self-cleaning programme and easily serviceable parts.
Le Maitre’s fluids are included in the “Equipment Based Guidelines for the Use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze” prepared by Environ International Corporation and can be used in compliance with ANSI standards for theatrical fog and the PLASA (previously ESTA) Fog Testing Program. Copies can be found on www.actorsequity.org.

Orientation: Floor or Truss (with adaption) 
Base plate support enables various angles

Size: (HxWxL): 340 x 160 x 340mm 
Weight: 12 Kg 
Power: 230v, 50/60Hz, 300W, 3A