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Milos SR1 Stage – 7m x 4m

The Milos SR1 Custom sloping flat roof 7m x 4m stage is ideal for small events which require a little more festival authenticity than the more basic gazebo style stage. There is the flexibility to rig lighting fixtures for a lighting set up.
The stage roof will accommodate a stage of 7m x 4m. The quad truss roof structure is anchored to the ground and is secured using clamps, ballast and heavy duty ratchet straps as appropriate to the terrain. The flat roof slants to the rear to ensure any rainwater runs off. Removable rear and side walls are included.

The stage itself has a non-slip hexagrip surface and can be set up to 1m in height. The legs are adjustable to accommodate uneven surfaces. The stage comes complete with steps and safety rails as required.

A full structural report is available to view by any planning authorities as required.

The stage and roof structure will be installed by our experienced team who work to the highest standards of competence and safety.

Hire this stage from only £900.00


Peak (April to September): Off-Peak (October to March):
Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Daily Rate – £1250.00 Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Daily Rate – £1000.00
Weekday (Monday to Friday) Daily Rate – £1100.00 Weekday (Monday to Friday) Daily Rate – £900.00
Weekend (Friday to Sunday) 3 Day Rate – £2200.00 Weekend (Friday to Sunday) 3 Day Rate – £2000.00
Water Ballast – £POA
Stage Wings – £200.00


Type: Quad Truss
Stage Size: 7m x 4m
Uprights: 4
Towers: Quad Truss
Roof Structure: Quad & Tri truss
PA / Branding Wings: Available as option
Total width: 7 m. / 22.9 ft.
Clearance: 3,0 m. / 9.8 ft.
Total depth: 4 m. / 13.1 ft.

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