NJD Datamoon Dance Floor Effects Light

From £20.00 per day

Flower effects light – one of the most popular effects lights ever made.

Fantastic dance floor effects light.

You may collect from our warehouse or we can deliver to the event venue – delivery/collection charges will be included in your quote.


One of the most popular effects lights ever made!

This “high brightness” effect is a fan cooled 250-Watt Halogen flower effect fitted with, high reliability, long life, STEPPER MOTORS, 7 dichroic colours + white, 7 gobos, strobe effect, variable rotation speed, forward and reverse, sound activation and a lamp life economy switch.

The DATAMOON will independently run through a comprehensive series of pre-programmed patterns and effects activated by its own built in microphone and will synchronize with any number of other DATAMOON’s by simply linking them with a DMX lead.


* 20 beams
* Position Control of reflector dish
*8 gobos (squares, tunnel, dots, star, triangle, segments, spiral, circle)
* 7 dichroic colours (magenta, yellow, cyan, pink,red, green and blue) and white
* Blackout/strobe shutter
* 250W halogen lamp with dichroic reflector
* Lamp life economy switch
* Adjustable Focus
* 0-10V Analogue control
* Analogue control of operating modes
* Stand-alone operation using internal microphone