Work Lightshark LS1-Node 4 ArtNet-DMX Converter

From £30.00 per day

4 RDM/DMX inputs and outputs

Ethernet-RDM/DMX bidirectional transceiver

Every port independently configurated

Merger HTP/LTP mode

Backup mode

Supports sACN, ArtNet/RDM/DMX

Integrated Ethernet switch

DMX frame rate configurable

PoE (Power over Ethernet) powered

You may collect from our warehouse or we can deliver to the event venue – delivery/collection charges will be included in your quote.


The LS1-Node4 is a new RDM/DMX streaming device from WORK PRO that supports industry standards ArtNet & sACN. It features 4 DMX universes.

The LS-Node4 is quarter-rack physical format, and it is powered via a compact USB-C connector or by PoE.

Thed LS-Node4 comes with an integrated Ethernet switch with 2 ports and is multiprotocol, supporting the industry standards ArtNet and sACN.

With ArtNet/RDM compatibility, LS-Node4 allows configuration, status monitoring and management of remote devices from lighting consoles.

The LS Node4 features several modes of use:

– Single Mode: DMX to ArtNet/sACN transceiver (LS-Node1 & LS-Node2 models) configurable via web.
– Merger mode: where the LS-Nodes can receive different universes (via ArtNet/sACN or DMX) and merge them in the same output, being able to select HTP/LTP merge modes.
– Backup mode: When LS-Node works in Backup mode with two consoles connected, the device can detect a loss of connection from the primary console and automatically switch to the backup console with a max latency of 3 seconds.

This multiprotocol RDM/DMX streaming device is fully compatible with any lighting control or device that supports ArtNet or sACN standards.